Last week, I went on an engagement photo outing with Jenny & Alex in rural Idaho, near the Moose Creek Reservoir. The water was still, the air was warm, and the light was fantastic as it trickled through the trees late in the day. I had an excellent time exploring the woods along the water with the couple. As the sun ducked behind the trees, we started heading back with plans to scope out other locations on the way. We weren’t on the road for long before a low pressure light came on. Not more than a minute or two later, the front right tire abruptly blew. “Big Al,” that’s right, the Hummer H3 we were traveling in is named “Big Al,” was out of commission.

After rolling a few feet back into the end of a flat and clear rural driveway, we all hopped out to look at the damage. The sidewall of the tire was shredded, so we set about changing it out so that we could be on our way. I happily left my cameras on the seat and assisted. All was going relatively smoothly until we discovered a locking lug nut on the spare tire. We searched the vehicle, but were unable to find the key for it. Very few vehicles drove by while we were out there, but nearly all of them stopped to see if they could assist. Eventually, the guy whose driveway we were half-blocking came out. He was a diesel mechanic by trade and spent an hour or so trying a to work around the locking lug nut. Eventually, we gave up on the spare tire and arranged a ride back to town. It was a long night and not what I expected, but it was also a beautiful and peaceful night and I enjoyed grabbing a few photos as the sky turned from blue to black.